Larry Stylinson is Real, (Believe It or Not, just read)


The sole purpose of this tumblr was so all directioners could know the truth behind larry stylinson. I know it’s something that everyone has heard before, and my cousin and I well we ship this bromance but we never thought it was legit, that is until one of us witnessed it in the happening. Long story short, my cousin and I were waiting in the hotel lobby where we saw harry pass through minutes before when inconveniently I had to use the bathroom, of course I told her to scream if he were to pass by again but no such luck as she saw him and Andy (there security guard), Andy wouldn’t allow pictures and such so she just waited by the elevator to see what floor he would get off on. Well, mission accomplished, once she found out the floor level, she casually goes up to “our room” (we had our own room at the hotel) only to get out on the floor Harry and Andy got off on. Once up on their level she began to record her surroundings on her iPhone, (remember she was up on their level a few minutes after Harry had gone up) when she see’s Andy returning to the elevator and so the video goes black for a few seconds because she put her phone into her pocket. After a few seconds of fidgeting and such with her purse she goes back to recording and as she’s walking down the hallway one of the doors to a hotel room opens and out comes Harry who only walks two doors down knocks on a door and out comes Louis (he’s a bit blurry in the video but any one direction fan will know that it’s him) they spoke for a few and THATS WHEN IT HAPPENED, Harry was about to walk away when Louis casually grabbed Harrys hand pulling him back and that’s when Harry went in for the kiss, it was a quick peck on the lips but none the less it was a KISS. Yea craziest story ever right, that’s what I thought too, actually I thought she was challenged, until I saw the proof, a video and all.

We weren’t sure if we wanted to post the video up but here we are telling you our Larry tale. We decided that we are only going to post this video once this post gets 500+ notes.

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